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Free Attorney Consultation: Herrin Law, PLLC is a law firm in Dallas, Texas serving Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding counties. Founder Attorney Daniel Herrin has over 4,000 cases completed in Bankruptcy Law, Estate Planning Law, and Business Law areas. With fixed cost pricing and 24-hour guaranteed call backs, Herrin Law clients experience first class service and results. Bankruptcy is the beginning, not the end. Call today.
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Bankruptcy offers clients a fresh start financially. It can help you lower your monthly payments, and also completely eliminate certain types of debts. Bankruptcy can be used as a powerful tool to help you get back on track. If you feel like you are drowning or robbing peter to paul or just overwhelmed with your finances, then financial debt relief may be necessary.

Estate planning is about taking care of your family. This involves creating a plan for what happens with your assets. An estate plan typically includes 3 or 4 documents. Your will, a power of attorney for your finances, and a physicians directive that provides instructions for what you want to happen medically.

This is about reducing future risk and setting yourself up for success. We help draft the underlying formation documents, make sure you comply with state laws and also help draft contracts and agreements to protect your business if something happens.

Serving Dallas & Fort Worth Counties

Local: 469-607-8552

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