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Herrin Law exists for one purpose, to put our clients in a better position. Most lawyers operate under the philosophy that they spend time on the file and deserve to be paid for that time, regardless of the results. We don’t. Our mission is to make sure you are provided with the best legal experience possible, which requires that we have exceptional customer service.

Part of that requires us to have a very open and honest conversation with the clients about what we can do. Anytime we meet with a client, we are able to set clear expectations about the results we are likely to achieve. Sometimes this means telling the client that we don’t recommend they hire us.

If we don’t believe we can put you in a better position, then its not fair for us to charge you fees. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective strategy to help improve your situation.

Herrin Law was formed in 2015. Every single team member we have is committed to your success.

Meet Your Team

Herrin law is a boutique firm. This means we don’t believe in taking on as many clients as possible. We never want to be known as a “volume law firm”. The reason for this is simple, if a law firm takes on too many clients, then they are unable to provide the attention necessary to effectively advocate for each client. A client simply becomes one of a many and is treated as such. 

Herrin Law is comprised of 4 lawyers and 4 legal assistants.

Our Lawyers

Daniel Herrin


Daniel was born in Midland Texas and attended college at the University of Oklahoma.  He completed his law degree in Fort Worth from…

Manolo Santiago

Of Counsel

Manolo was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico and attended college at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus…

Nicholas Shahbazi

Of Counsel

Nicholas Shahbazi was born in Norman, Oklahoma where he grew up. He received his undergraduate degree from the University…

Jorge Aguilar


Jorge was born in Dallas, Texas and attended The University of Texas at Austin. He completed his law degree in Dallas from SMU…

Our Legal Assistants

Arzel Eder

Legal Assistant

Arzel is our newest team member and recently joined the team in February 2023. Arzel focuses on Customer Service.

Christopher Weaver

Legal Assistant

Chris grew up and went to school in Duncanville, TX. He have been married to his wife since 2006 and the father of one son…

Lua Faicol

Legal Assistant

Lua has over 10 years as an administrative assistant. She is happily married with 1 child. Lua joined Herrin Law in 2021…

Ron Ordanez

Legal Assistant

Ron has over 5 years experience as an administrative assistant. Ron is happily married and is expecting his first child…

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Herrin Law exists to put you in a better position while making sure we offer fair pricing

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