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Make Your Payments More Manageable

Our firm works with thousands of clients who want to avoid bankruptcy by helping them negotiate their outstanding debt for a reduced amount. This involves negotiating directly with each creditor to help reduce the principal balance and freeze the interest from continuing to accumulate.

How It Works?

  • During your first free meeting, we review your financials and determine if you are a good fit for debt settlement.
  • If you decide to move forward, we then send a notice of representation and request for debt validation to each of your creditors (that you want us to handle).
  • In addition, we come up with a monthly budget to identify how much you can save each month. You then start setting that money aside each month for settlements.
  • The moment your creditor receives the letter, they are no longer allowed to contact, harass, or bully you. They must communicate through our office (giving you peace of mind).
  • We then begin negotiating with each creditor to settle the debt for less than what is owed. Most of our clients are able to pay anywhere between 40 to 60% of the debt owed. When we negotiate our settlements, we get you the maximum amount of time to pay the settled amount. Usually this allows you to pay the settled amount in 12 to 36 months.
  • Since we are a law firm, we are able to do more than traditional debt consolidation companies. The moment you hire a lawyer, you become protected by various consumer protection statutes.
  • Often times, creditors will violate consumer laws. When that happens we go on the offensive and file lawsuits against those creditors. The most typical violation we see is where the creditor/debt collector continues to harass you, after you have hired our law firm. Under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act and Texas Debt Collection Practices Act, we can sue creditors and they may be responsible for up to $2,000 per violation.
  • When a violation occurs, our goal is to get a walk-away agreement. This means that the creditor zero’s out the debt, deletes the debt from all of your credit reports, without having to pay a single cent to them.

How You Are Able To Save Money?


Most credit cards/loan companies charge anywhere from 18% to 26% in interest. For many clients, it could take 5 years to pay off their debt on their own.


If you are paying $500 per month, close to 85% of that is likely going to interest instead of the principal.


If you owe $10,000 on a credit card, we work directly with the creditor to negotiate a lower amount. Once we get a settlement from the creditor, you no longer are paying interest, so if we settle the $10,000 debt for $4,500, every payment you make towards the settlement reduces principle.

Why We Are Different From Other Companies

  • Most companies are nationwide companies. You have probably heard the ads on radio or seen the television ads. When choosing one of those companies, you are 1 of thousands of clients. In addition, those companies never tell you what you are actually paying them. Their fees are not transparent.
  • We are local. You can come visit us at our office or we can accommodate remote meetings as well.
  • We are a law firm. This means we have a fiduciary duty to you. In addition, as a law firm we are able to actually hold creditors accountable if they violate consumer statutes. This is the single greatest tool we have to drastically reduce your debt.
  • If a creditor files a lawsuit against you, we actually represent you in state court and file an answer. Nationwide debt consolidation companies DON’T do that.
  • 90% of our Clients complete our Debt Relief Program (meaning they finish with us, Debt free). Other debt consolidation companies get paid regardless and sign up thousands of new clients per month, meaning they don’t have any incentive for you to complete their program.
  • You control your money. Unlike other companies that require you to pay them each month, we have you control your money.
  • Our fees are transparent. In addition, we provide affordable payment plans that correspond with how long it is going to take you to complete the settlements. So, if your budget allows you to complete the program in 24 months, we allow you to pay us over that same time period. This gives us an incentive to produce results!

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Our Client’s Trust Us

Ronni Cal
Ronni Cal
6 August 2023
I’ve been with the Herrin Law Firm for 4yrs and they have been diligent, efficient and amazing advocates for me. Communication is stellar and the follow through and updates are consistent. I would highly recommend.
Julie Crittendon
Julie Crittendon
28 July 2023
Nick did a great job getting my case resolved.
Alisa Burns
Alisa Burns
24 July 2023
My experience with Herrin Law was outstanding. When I was experiencing a situation that needed an immediate solution, they came up with a plan, resolved the issue and relieved my stress. Great firm!
Kim Prine
Kim Prine
18 July 2023
Herrin law firm is wonderful. They’re all so polite and caring.
Ryan Limitless
Ryan Limitless
29 June 2023
My process with Herrin Law was done properly and extremely smooth with the result that I was looking for.
Craig Collison
Craig Collison
27 June 2023
If you have financial legal problems you need dealing with, it doesn’t get any better than this law firm! !! Very professional and they really are interested in helping you achieve your goals!! Highly recommended.
Vreitta Smith
Vreitta Smith
21 June 2023
When I initially presented my circumstances to Herrin Law Firm I was able to speak directly to my attorney immediately, come up with a plan and execute it. The firm handled my cause in a record time at an affordable rate. We essentially discuss an all inclusive payment agreement and I paid the fee and it eliminated being charged for emails, phone calls and text which saved me a lot of money and worries. Overall I was pleased with the way they handled everything. I did not once speak to the people I had an issue with once I turned my case over to them. He basically let me know what to expect and not to worry. They provided me with an excellent service, pinky swear.

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