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Finding a Good Local Bankruptcy Lawyer

In other aspects of your life you probably would not make a major decision or make a significant purchase without reading reviews, asking pertinent questions, or doing some general research first. Finding a local bankruptcy lawyer should be no different. When you retain a bankruptcy lawyer you are purchasing their financial services and advice to get the most favorable outcome for your situation. You should be on the lookout for an attorney who has experience with bankruptcy cases and is knowledgeable about the current bankruptcy laws and procedures. Here are a few steps showing how to find a bankruptcy lawyer who is a good fit for you.

Local Bankruptcy Law Experience

How long has the lawyer been practicing bankruptcy law and how many cases are typically filed in a day or a week? Answers to these two questions will give you a general idea as to how the law firm works. These answers can also give you the reassurance you may need that you are in good hands with a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy process. A bankruptcy lawyer should be familiar with current bankruptcy law, codes and procedures. He or she should be able to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

A Solid Reputation

Does the lawyer come highly recommended by others who have used his or her services? A past client who was satisfied with the process and outcome will most likely recommend their lawyer to friends and family. So while a lawyer cannot give you references from clients, online reviews and people you know may be able to share their experience with you. Does the lawyer maintain a good rapport with the judge and trustee? Overtime, a bankruptcy lawyer builds his or her reputation with clients as well as professionals in the field. This can be a good indicator of the lawyer’s ethics and professional standing in the community.

Perform A Basic Background Check

When you have been referred or have the name of a lawyer in mind, go to the bar’s website and do a little background check on the attorney. Have any disciplinary actions been taken against him or her? Are they currently in good standing with the bar association? This is key information to have so that you do not end up with a lawyer who may have less than standard ethical practices.

Trust Your Judgment

If you meet with a lawyer to discuss your bankruptcy and leave feeling more bewildered than when you came in, you may want to consult with another. After meeting with a lawyer, you should feel confident on how you will be proceeding, know all options available to you, and know what is expected of you throughout the process. If you feel that you are simply money for the lawyer and that he or she does not have your best interests at heart, keep searching until you feel confident with using a particular attorney. A bankruptcy lawyer should be able to provide you with an understanding of the bankruptcy process, finances and how to learn good financial behavior that can keep you out of debt.

In your search for a local bankruptcy lawyer, consider Herrin and Wright who are committed to helping you resolve your financial hardships as quickly and painlessly as possible. We work with you on affordable pricing and take a holistic approach to financial stability, and take the time to learn about your situation. You’re important to us, not part of an endless conveyor belt of clients. Contact us for a free consultation.

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