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How To Gather And Organize Financial Documents Before Filing For Bankruptcy

The hardest part for any person considering bankruptcy is gathering the required documents. In order to file bankruptcy, the Court requires that you file about 100 pages describing your financial situation.

The Clients that have the most success are the ones that are able to get their documents together the fastest.

The documents you will need to provide are as follows:

1. Proof of Income for the 6 months prior to you filing. 

This includes paystubs, social security, disability, pension income. You must document all sources of income. If you are self-employed, the Court requires you to prepare a profit and loss statement (simply shows your monthly business income and monthly business expenses).

2. Bank statements for the prior 3 to 6 months on all accounts.

3. Tax Returns for the previous 2 years.

In order to file bankruptcy, you must have filed your last 2 year tax returns. If you file without this being done, the Court will dismiss your case (usually within 60 days after filing).

4. Creditor Statements

You want to make sure you are able to list all of your creditors. If you don’t list a creditor then that debt could survive bankruptcy. Most of the time your credit report will list all of your debts. However, for a lot of loans (payday loans, medical debt, personal loans), they may not show up on your credit report. Its essential that you spend the time to get an accurate list together.

There are other documents of course but the above makes up 80% of what is needed and if you can do the above then you dramatically improve your chances of having a successful bankruptcy.

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