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How to avoid a bankruptcy mill

Filing for bankruptcy can be a heartbreaking and confusing process. You want a law firm that will take a look at your unique circumstances and work with you to find the best solution for your situation. When you hire a bankruptcy mill, you’re not getting the personalized attention that we can provide for you.

What is a Bankruptcy Mill?

Most often, you’ll see these kind of mills advertising aggressively on television and through radio ads. They handle a large volume of clients, which means that they can’t provide clients the attention they need and deserve. Often, a lawyer will do the intake on a client, but after that initial consultation, the client will never see that lawyer again. All the correspondence is handled through paralegals or law clerks. Clients might receive a letter later telling them to come in and sign paperwork with no explanation, and at the court date, there will be a lawyer that the client has never met before. In other words, at a large bankruptcy firm, a one-size fits all approach is used and the client is treated as another cog in the wheel of the bankruptcy factory.

How to Avoid a Bankruptcy Mill

In some cases, a bankruptcy isn’t the only solution to your problem. A mill will always advocate for a bankruptcy because that’s what they do. They won’t ask detailed questions before suggesting bankruptcy as a solution. Avoid places that don’t explain the process. There are two different bankruptcy options, and a mill won’t explain the differences. They won’t answer many of your questions or allow you to speak to an attorney on the phone.

Questions for the Attorney

It’s hard to tell whether you’re dealing with a mill when you’ve never had this experience before. These questions will help you determine whether you’re dealing with a lawyer who cares about your individual case.

Are you an attorney, and will you handle my case from beginning to end?
This question is important because you don’t want a clerk handling your important case. This is the attorney you want to hold your hand through the entire process. If this isn’t the attorney that will be handling your case, you’ll want to find out when you can meet your attorney.

How many bankruptcy cases do you handle per month?
This question will help you understand how much attention you’ll receive on your case. The attorney might have dozens of cases, but if the number is in the hundreds per month, that is a red flag. A poor quality law firm will not be dedicated to its clients.

If I have a question, who do I contact?
The answer to this question should be your lawyer. Your lawyer should know the details of your case. While a clerk may handle the paperwork to some extent, your lawyer should be willing and available to answer your questions.

About our bankruptcy firm, Herrin Law

At our firm, we care about our client’s interests and want to provide solutions that help them recover from a financially-tough situation. We have a flexible pricing structure that provides aid to those that are already disadvantaged. We are dedicated to our clients and their well-being as a whole. We’ll never apply a factory approach to our clients.

Don’t let your financial hardships win. Declaring bankruptcy is often the first step on the road to financial recovery, and a good bankruptcy attorney will ensure that from that first step, you have a clear road-map to your financial fresh start.

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  1. Yes, that’s it! You got my full support for stressing the fact that no one should block our right to get in touch with an attorney when dealing with a bankruptcy matter. I have a friend who just received a notice from his bank a couple of days ago saying that he’s officially bankrupt already. For me, the first thing he should do is hiring a legal expert to help him gather credible paperwork for the appeal process.

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