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How to Identify a Superior Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney

Obviously if you’re needing help declaring bankruptcy, you don’t have a lot of money to spare. Far too many Dallas bankruptcy attorneys bill clients the maximum of what they think they can get, rather than taking into account the client’s financial situation; We, however, don’t.

We realize that declaring bankruptcy can be one of the most vulnerable moments in a person’s life, and so we treat clients in such situations with respect and consideration. We consider ourselves to be cheap bankruptcy lawyers – but the affordability we offer our bankruptcy clients doesn’t mean there is any decrease in the quality of our services. A superior affordable bankruptcy attorney provides the same excellent service to their clients while taking into account their financial situation.

4 Signs of a Good Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyer

Because we have always respected and cared for our clients regardless of their situation and financial status, we are especially qualified to share with you the criteria that will help you recognize cheap bankruptcy lawyers who know how maintain their care and excellence without sacrificing affordability.

1. They treat all their clients the same.
A quality affordable bankruptcy lawyer will treat all their clients who are filing with the same level of respect and concern for their situation. Bankruptcy code defines a debtor as a business or person – there is no difference between a Fortune 500 company filing bankruptcy and you. You’re both using the services provided you to make the best of a difficult situation, and you both are entitled to the same levels of respect and consideration.

2. Filing bankruptcy with them shouldn’t add to your financial troubles.
You should be able to get the assistance you need from a superior cheap bankruptcy lawyer with a payment plan that is accommodating to your situation.

3. They walk you through ALL your options.
Filing for bankruptcy isn’t always your only option. A bankruptcy lawyer who is invested in helping you regain financial stability and security will walk you through other options that may be applicable. If bankruptcy is the best option, your lawyer will help you decide which bankruptcy filing is best for your situation.

4. They’ll make sure you know, and understand, the options that are available to you after you’ve filed for bankruptcy.
Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the end of your world – and cheap bankruptcy lawyers who care about your wellbeing will follow through with you after the filing is over, explaining the options that are available to you. The purpose of bankruptcy is to give people a fresh start, and a good attorney will help you figure out how to make that happen. Renewing and rebuilding your financial security is very important and an affordable bankruptcy attorney who believes this will take the time discuss strategies to help you get your credit score back to the 700’s in the fastest way possible.

Looking for a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney? Choose Carefully!

Whether you use another Dallas bankruptcy attorney or you decide to become a client of Herrin and Wright, we want you to have the best possible opportunity to get your finances back on track. Choose a cheap bankruptcy lawyer carefully, making sure they balance quality and affordability in a way that helps you meet your goals. If you need any assistance, we’re here to help!

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2 thoughts on “How to Identify a Superior Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney”

  1. You made a good point when you said that you must choose a bankruptcy attorney that offers a payment plan that can accommodate your situation. My aunt is interested in filing for bankruptcy. Since the pandemic has started, she has been struggling financially. What she wants is to get help with the process without spending big time, so I will share this with her.

  2. One of my cousins is considering filing for bankruptcy and she needs to find a good attorney to help her. You make a great point about how it is important to find an attorney that will walk you through the many different paths you can take so you know your options. I’ll be sure to pass this tip along to my cousin so she can find a reputable bankruptcy attorney to help her.

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