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The entire purpose of bankruptcy is to get you a financial fresh start. It does this by allowing consumers and businesses to eliminate or repay some or all of their debts under the protection of the federal bankruptcy code. In most cases, if you are eligible for bankruptcy, it will help eliminate your debt and/or lower your monthly debt obligations. Bankruptcy can help restructure your mortgage payments, vehicle payments, IRS payments and unsecured debt payments.


Estate planning is meant to simplify the distribution of your assets after you pass. If done correctly, it reduces the cost for your heirs and also allows you to dictate what happens to your property upon your passing. Our purpose is to create simple estate plans that are cost effective and easy to execute. The most typical estate plan includes 4 documents: Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney and Physicians Directive. In conjunction with estate planning, we also do Asset Protection, which focuses on putting your assets in protected vehicles to minimize the risk of lawsuits or creditor seizures. We offer our estate clients fixed pricing and do away with hourly billing.


We focus on small businesses and help create a foundation that protects business assets and employers from the common pitfalls of running a small business. This includes entity formation, contract drafting, partnership agreements, financial planning as well as lawsuit defense. We offer our business law clients fixed pricing and try to do away with hourly billing.


We have worked with thousands of clients to help them resolve their IRS Issues. The IRS is the most aggressive creditor out there. Their entire focus is to instill fear in taxpayers to force them to comply. You never want to operate or make decisions out of a state of fear. We routinely help clients setup affordable payments plans, reduce penalties and interest through abatement requests, resolve secured lien issues, and negotiate offers and compromises with the IRS, which can often allow a tax payer to pay cents on the dollar to resolve their tax debt.


We have helped thousands of clients save millions of dollars on their debt. When you hire us to negotiate your debt, we are able to use the full force of federal and state consumer protection laws. Debt settlement is a process where we negotiate, on your behalf, directly with your creditors. We will handle any lawsuits and file answers. Debt settlement can give you piece of mind and save you thousands on your existing debt.


We don’t believe in playing defense. When companies take advantage of consumers through unfair debt collection practices, or making false representations during the sale process, you can hold them accountable. Most of our consumer litigation clients fall into three categories. First, are vehicle purchases, often times dealerships will use unfair sales tactics and will make false representations as to the terms of the loan or the condition of the vehicle. Second, are mortgage servicers, who misapply payments, or make false representations (i.e., loan modifications). The third category is for debt collectors or companies who use unlawful tactics to coerce consumers into feeling like they have no options but to do what the creditor says.

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