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chapter 7

For most people, considering filing bankruptcy is extremely stressful. You are dealing with creditors calling you, lawsuits being filed against you and your credit score tanking. In addition to that, there is the stigma associated with bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy for many people feels like they are a complete failure, it’s like they are giving up. This is why I see so many of my clients struggle for years with their finances. They think filing bankruptcy... Chapter 7  First, let’s start with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which is also known as the liquidation chapter. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you want to get rid of your debt in the fastest way possible. A chapter 7 allows you to discharge your unsecured debt in as little as 100 days. In addition, if you have secured debt that you don’t want anymore (vehicle, home), you can walk away from it and get rid of...